Sunny Day

What a great day in Washington. Here is how we ended our productive day.

I started my morning out by stalking a chicken! One of my white leghorn chickens decided to stop laying in the coop the past couple weeks. I searched and I searched all through the brush where she kept coming out of and came up with nothing. So today I was able to follow her for almost an hour and a half to try to find out where she was laying. Found it!

We used this shed for a cat we were rehoming that ended up going back to its old property. Guess Flip thought this was another chicken coop! All float tested and now are hard boiled eggs.

Next protect we picked up three trees that are in the memory of my mom. We had a dear family friend donate some money to have a tree planted in her name. Why stop at one! We have more work to be done around the trees, so more to come on this project. We have two weeping cherry blossoms and one thunder cloud. They will be so pretty every spring.

Uggghhh, working with a shovel
One down, two to go
Here they are!

Have I told you how much I hate working a shovel! đŸ¤£

Then we worked on the coop and got the doors mounted. Next will be putting shingles on the roof.

Good day! Progress…

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