Chickens left the building!

Well not really a building, more like the coop. 🤣🤣

Here is what the new coop looks like inside. I am sure we will have to do some fine tuning along the way.

We have not completed the entire run yet. It will be double this size. But at least it works so that I could get chickens moved last night.

I am going to try something new and keep the girls in the run for most of the morning to help with consistent egg laying in the coop instead of me going on egg hunts. So Mark thought it would be a great idea to put an automatic door opener on the run so if we are busy we don’t have to physically let them out. Yes, another learning curve for these ladies.

While Mark was installing this door one of our leghorn chickens decided to check out the coop and she must have liked the new nesting box design. She is one of the girls I have to go egg hunting out in the bushes.

To reduce the amount of birds I had to manually move last night, I was able to coax over about two thirds of the birds. Then Mark and I moved the rest after dark. They really did not like not being able to go into their old coop.

Here they are this morning, they don’t look too unhappy! I covered my nesting boxes so they would not nest in them. Going to do this for a couple weeks.

Here are my newest babies that were hatched on Saturday. They are in this area now until we get the old coop set up for my brooder. My mama that hatched 6 chicks about 4 weeks ago is now in the main coop. Now the joy of them figuring out that they have to go into the coop nightly with the other girls. 🤣🤣

I still need to get the coop painted, Mark will help me put in a couple windows for venting. And of course finish the run. Lots to do still, and YES Mark is so ready for this project to be done. 😍


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