Coop work continues

My hummingbirds have seemed to move elsewhere. I hope they come back!

Well I started painting the coop.

Originally I thought I wanted a yellow coop
I found out I didn’t and now I chose a nice gray color
I have one more side to get finished

I was able to get some flowers planted as well yesterday.

Today, Mark moved the old coop next to the new one. This was an interesting venture but Mark made it look so easy! Now all I need to do is get it painted so it matches the other coop.

Our view has improved with the movement of the old coop. Still need to clean up a few things.

I already moved my two other mamas and babies into the old coop. Going to work on a pen outside the coop next week.

Here are the other babies that are in the big hen house.

Still work to be done but so thankful Mark had gotten me this far with my girls!


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