Sunny day in Washington

The chickens are getting used to their new coop and run. In a couple days I will let them out so that they can free range for 3 to 4 hours late afternoon. I have discovered I like not having chicken poop all around the property. 😂😂 This morning when I was having my morning coffee our nasty little hawk came in and tried to get into the run but my bird netting stopped him. Of course I had to wake Mark up and say do you want to get a hawk today? But by the time he got up the hawk decided to move on. This is the same hawk that took away my little Squeaker while I was gone in Austin.

We have been having such beautiful weather! And our forecast looks good through Sunday. But on the flipside we really need some rain.

Yesterday was a big day for us we now have Internet!!!!

It has only taken 1.5 years

The last couple of days I’ve been cleaning up this area and decided to put some brick around it. Next week I’m going to put rose bushes in this area.

Then I decided to plant some more Rhododendrum‘s where the coop used to be used to be.

Then I got a package delivered today from my kids for Mother’s Day. Don’t you think it’s very fitting! 🤣

Then we got a great surprise yesterday that we were able to get rock delivered today.

First load getting set up
Load number one
Load number two
Mark doing his magic
Load number three

Now the fun begins the next few days spreading it all out.

Then finally at the end of my work day which is normally around 4:00. I heard this big horn go off, when I looked towards the water I saw a small boat and then through the trees I saw this huge boat.

Background noise is Mark on the tractor and rooster Cousin It.


1 thought on “Sunny day in Washington

  1. Your Mothers Day gift is awesome and funny too! Yay for your kids!!! 🥰👍

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