It is Friday every day in our world. So the weekend usually means a normal day of work. Just FYI we usually don’t have the most normal days around here. But then again, define normal.

We started out the day putting a metal roof on our bedroom!

This was done by 11:00 this morning. Then we went to our dear friend Richard’s house to pick up a riding lawn mower that has never been used and sat outside for 5 years! Plus it was so tucked in blackberry bushes and other junk, and we could not disengage the drive axle. It took us about an hour to finally get it loaded on the trailer. Mark now has another project to work on. 🤣🤣

Then we had a light lunch. Then I felt guilty about not finishing the trim on the shed. So I got busy painting.

Then Mark got busy using a compactor on the rock where we will be putting our metal shop.

Then it was time to let the girls out of their run to free range for a few hours before going in for the night. They are still learning the opening door but when they figure it out look how fast they run.

But they are producing well. I am currently getting around 15 eggs a day. I need to find a couple more customers! 🤣

Great day! ❤️

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