Fun Day

It was a great day with the sun shining and a nice cool breeze! Makes working outside so much easier.

I put solar lights on my chicken coop. This side is in the shade a lot. We will see how well they will do. Still trying to figure out what fluff I want to put on the doors. (yes, I still need to paint some trim on my coop)🤦🏼‍♀️

I finished my garden that is near the yurt and our solar panels. I turned it into a rose garden. Mark helped me remove a bush and put in a large rock for me.

Before all the work
Bush removal
Rock placement
It will be so pretty when the rose bushes grow bigger

Saw some fun helicopters flying overhead.

Mark did some more compacting work where our shop will be built.

Does not look fun to me. 🥲

Then he started working on the riding lawnmower that has sat outside for years and never been used. He worked on the starter and made great progress. Keep in mind the tools that he is using are a hodge podge of tools that he got from his dad. (Thanks George!) Mark sold all his tools when we left Colorado.

Great day, wonder what we will work on tomorrow. 🧐 ❤️

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