Blessed Memorial Weekend

Thank you to all that gave their lives so that ALL of us came live a life of liberty, freedom and choices! I visited our local Ace Hardware on Saturday morning. I got to meet the actual owner. He is a man probably in his 70s. I was standing in line with two cans of paint and a can of stain and other miscellaneous items. He came up to me and took my items and set them up on the counter so that I would be the next one in line. Then when I got done checking out he grabbed all of my items and walked me to my car and loaded them in. I said thank you sir, you are just Johnny on the spot helping out the customers. He said ma’am I don’t believe manners have died. I said God bless you and I totally agree with you but for some reason this younger generation is not being taught this way of life. Was a great day!

Cassie and Danny came to the island to visit us and got to spend the night in our little camper. We enjoyed a nice dinner on the beach.

We had fun playing games that night, and those two beat us in two games of Sequence! 😡

The next morning We got up and worked on the awesome stencils she made me for the coop! Love this girl!

Ella was supervising
I am really concentrating
Look at her go!

They brought Ella with them. She is such a sweetheart!

Ella enjoying life!
Happy Dog!

Later in the day, I found someone that wanted to rehome two Polish chickens that were getting bullied in their current flock. I can’t wait to get them back to full health. They are currently enjoying my brooder coop until I move them into the big one with all the flock. Meet Polly and Percy!

We hope everyone had a great weekend! And we hope everyone remembers what today really stands for. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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