Family time

Andy came to visit us from Colorado! Thank goodness we had nice weather the entire time he was here.

I picked him up from the airport around 5:30. So we had dinner to let traffic die down before heading home.

The next day I put Andy to work and we trimmed some huckleberry bushes.

Mark took this picture! 😂

Then we took a drive to take Shiloh to get a haircut and to the Harstine acres farm!

He is so handsome
We planted corn!

Check out the foxglove we moved last year on the berm to flower this season!

Then of course we had to take a day and do lunch on the beach! Plus it was a fun day with all the sailboats. Before we went to the beach Andy and I went to Harstine Acres to get a couple bags of ice. We met a friend while we were there!

Their little tongues are scratchy
Recipe Mark found in TikTok
This small boat was struggling
Listen carefully 🤣

Then we came home and had some fun with the chickens.

Had a great time with Andos! ❤️

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