Nice visit

Mark’s parents, George and Sue came and visited us for a couple days. We went to Bremerton to have lunch and do some thrift shopping.

But before we left we had to take the tires off the Suzuki and take them with us. Mark needed the help from the tractor to move it since it would not start.

Sorry! I could not get this video to turn.
George supervising
Here it is with new tires!

That was a productive day. We had a fun evening playing cards. The parents left this morning and it was time for Mark and I to get back to work.

So I started caulking and trimming out the bedroom to be painted.

Supervisor caught sleeping on the job! 😳

Mark started working on the solar panels building up the support system. This was one of the requirements they requested in order for us to pass inspection.

He used the vac to suck out dirt from the hole. 🤣
Good looking supports

Then we put another window in the chicken coop to get a better cross breeze for the warmer days ahead! Thanks Mark!

Progress… ❤️

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