Still working

Beautiful warm sunny day in Washington!

We have been keeping busy. I got our addition finally painted. Couple things yet to finish but pretty much done.

Shiloh snuggling with me while painting
Now he has to move 🤨

Mark started working on putting a storm door on our hallway. We need to be able to have more breeze come through this summer. He got interrupted today with the neighbor stopping by to chit chat. 🤣

Some sort of framing.. I can’t remember what he told me 🤣

Then I started working on staining the decks today. Got two done today and will finish the last one tomorrow.

All done
All done

Yesterday I got these Mountain Houseleeks from George out of his garden. I put them in my rose garden.

Mark has been working on more bracing for the solar panels to pass inspection.

My corn is doing well!

I gave some fertile eggs to Mark’s sister Nicola. Over the few last days they hatched under her broody mama. Look how cute these little babies are!


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