Grandbaby time!

Here he is with his mama and getting on the plane. Alicia said he did really well for his first flight. But before they arrived Mark took these pictures and sent to Alicia to tease her about us getting the car seat in the truck.🤣

We stayed at George and Sue’s house the first night before heading to the island.

Out for a morning walk

Then we caught the ferry and had lunch in Bremerton.

Then we made it to the island and Camden got to play out on the deck!

The next day before going to the beach Camden took a bath in the kitchen sink.

On the beach to stay cool…

Just chillin
Okay mom, I am ready to go
Having a snack.
Nap time

We did go to the beach the next day, and our temperatures were even higher.

Heat nap!

Then I finally hit my wall and said enough! We have the cutest trailer on the property with lovely air conditioning. We let peanut play in the pool and then we moved indoors where it was nice and cool.

So the next day we decided to do a chicken photo shoot with Camden.

Then we headed back to Seattle so Alicia and Camden could catch their flight home the next day.

Camden and Shiloh bonding
Sitting outside because it was cooler
With Auntie Cassie!
Great Papa!
Crib we made by the French doors to keep him cool since he is a blankie boy!

The next morning George was telling Camden nap time stories!

Out for the count!

Here they are on the plane! Miss them already.

What a great visit!!! 😍

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