Fun Day

What a beautiful fall like day today. Mark of course was chilled this morning so he had to build a fire. Actually it was a good day for him to test out a new fan box that he put on the piping of the woodstove. It seems to work well.

After four months of waiting, our metal shop arrived! It was so much fun watching these guys.

Note: See Shiloh supervising!
Uno. Dos, Tres
The event called for mimosas! 🍾
The chicken coop blends well with the building
Is that you Mark? 🤣
Mark thinks he needs a bigger tractor 😳
Mark having a beer after a day of supervising!

Tomorrow I will blog and show you when we start moving things inside. Looks big now, but wait till we put toys and vehicles in. 🤨

Progress… ❤️

1 thought on “Fun Day

  1. Looks huge! They looked very efficient,


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