Happy Fall

Yes, we are still alive. It has been awhile since I have posted. We have been working just nothing very exciting. But here are few things we have been doing.

Unfortunately a couple weeks ago our beloved Sunny went missing. He would be gone for a couple days hunting but always came back but not this time. We were just getting him to trust us again and love all over Mark and now he’s gone. We are so sad.

We saw a post on one of our community pages about some kittens that were living in the culvert at the state park that is located on the island. They were asking for someone to come catch these kittens and give them a good home. So here we are🤣.

Pugsley is on the left and Pickles on the right
They love to snuggle
Getting some sunshine
Scarlett giving them encouragement that they will like it here!

We decided to put them in our chicken brooder coop. Then I built this fence around the opening so that they could come outside and get used to our chickens. Pugsley did escape so I had to do even more reinforcements on the little cage outside. Pickles is already a little lover and as soon as you start petting him his motor starts going. Pugsley still does not trust me but I will eventually wear him down.

Our old toolshed is now going to be the kittens new cat home. It will keep them safe from the elements, they’ll have a cozy place to sleep and enjoy their meals other than the mice that they’re going to catch and eat! The shed will get a new paint job to match our guest cabin.

I have been taking advantage of the sunshine before we get rain all this week. The cabin front porch looks really good.

Mark has been having fun learning and working on the boat.We are so fortunate that we have a marine boat shop just off the island. Of course Mark has made friends with the owner and he has been giving Mark lots of advice and information. Mark has done such a great job!

I know it does not show much improvement but holy cow he has done lots of work!

It’s purring like a kitten. We only need a couple more parts and we can put it in the water to test it’s buoyancy and any leaks.

Progress… ❤️

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