It’s been awhile!

I guess I am a little behind on my blogging. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Check out this sunrise we had about a week ago!

Mark captured this picture while Joey was visiting

Mark had a long time friend from upper state New York come to visit. The boys had a great time catching up.

That is deep

Joey helped Mark clean up our old wood pile by our shed. It looks so nice now!


So after all that hard work we had to go into town for lunch.

Mark started a project of putting in a mini split in the yurt. We really don’t want to go through high 90 to 100 degree temps during the summers any more without some way to cool down.

More to come on that project…

I took a few days off and had to visit our grandson in Texas!

It was a chilly afternoon walking the dogs 🤣
Crazy hair, don’t care!

While I was there we visited Crowes Nest farm. Camden loved the animals!

Once I got back home Mark was ready to finish the mini split. We will get to test it out tomorrow after the HVAC guy comes back to check readings.

Update on our two kittens. They are alive and are still hanging around. Let’s hope they turn into great hunters.

Mr. Pickles

Progress… ❤️

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