Well it has been raining…

With the new time change and the rain hitting us at the same time it has been rough for me. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind the rain as long as we get a day in between with some sun. But that has not happened much in November and the start of December. 😡

We have been doing somethings around the property. One morning I watched my chickens leave the coop and two roosters came out bloody. That’s some crazy stuff when they are fighting in the chicken coop. So I decided to let my young guy go with a few girls. Yes, you heard that correctly. I downsized my flock by four! That means in chicken math I can get 6 more hens. 🤣

Ralph Lauren

Before I let this little flock fly to a new home, I did add these two Polish beauties to my flock. Meet Lizzie and Luna.

We hired a local man to come in and hang some drywall in our guest cabin. He did the hard work, not sure I would recommend him. Cleanliness was not on the top of his list.

Note the floor 😭
Shower placement in bathroom
Toilet placement in bathroom

So today I decided to add some wood chips to my chicken run to help with the mud. It was a sunny and chilly day but felt awesome to be outside.

Full load
Put a good dent in that pile

The next thing on my project list is a gutter on the front of the coop. I want it to drain in a rain barrel to provide water to the chicken run. It should help with the mud situation as well.

This is a fun video when the run door opens for the chickens to free range.

So now that the chicken run project was done I moved on to the cleaning of the horrific floor after the drywall was done. What a huge difference.

Look at that difference
Bed will be on this wall
We will install a small sink into this piece and will have counter space.
Then the dresser will be counter space and storage!

Our plan for the ceiling is to get some nice canvas type material and add wood trim to hold it up. It will make you think you are in a tent if you look up. 😊

And of course I am so weird during construction that I even had to mop my deck. 🤣🤣



2 thoughts on “Well it has been raining…

  1. Ralph is so handsome, if he is not a she, in which she is pretty. Sorry, I don’t know my chickens.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Too funny! We always hope when they’re young they will turn into hens and not roosters. But he is beautiful and a great protector. He was just low on the totem pole. 🤣


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