Hello 😄

I am so sorry I have not been blogging! I will get better and make sure I can post something at least once a week!

My daisies are in full bloom. Won’t be long and so will the foxgloves.

Today I worked on my chicken run and the coop.

Built a new water container for the chickens
Put up the shade sails
Work in progress. Never paint inside your coop with light colors. A good friend gave me this idea of using the feed bags. 🤣

Love my wind spinner I got for Mother’s Day!

The château is ready for visitors! Ignore the ceiling. It will get finished. 🤣

It was a beautiful day! ❤️

1 thought on “Hello 😄

  1. Dianne Buckley June 3, 2022 — 12:18 pm

    Hey Goober Girl!! It’s been awhile – like you, I am chasing my tail all the time-never stay in one place too long! Home base for me now is Kremmling, CO ( David’s home) however, I am not here much especially in winter! It’s amazing and awesome your new life you and Mark have built together !!!! 👍🥰. Give my best to your kids and Alicia- what a loving and wonderful Mama Bear to her adorable little boy! Treasure the moments, as I do with my Fabulous FABFIVE!!! Sending Big Bear Hugs!! 🥰👭❤️

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