Finishing the bathroom

George is here visiting us for a few days. We first put him to work helping me dig holes for the Red Hot Poker plants that I found.

So excited for next year!

So Mark and George decided to put in our bathroom fan since it was so windy today!

Serious business
Of course Shiloh is supervising
Deep concentration
This is a union break

And of course George the journeyman is supervising the apprentice. George, is that a beer in your hand? 🤣

Well it’s done. Let’s go see if it works! 😃

Making great progress!

Look what we did!
Chickens are great helpers

It looks awesome!

Don’t look at the ceiling! 🤣

Thanks Papa George! 😍

1 thought on “Finishing the bathroom

  1. Of course its a beer! Ya cant build anything without refreshments.🤣🤣🥰


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